One of Oban’s core values is Embrace Difference.  For example, our core business proposition is cultural localisation – adapting digital marketing to make it more accessible to local cultures, so we make better connections with our marketing messages.

We want everyone to feel included at Oban and as part of that we are working towards making every part of our business more accessible including our website and marketing communications.

Oban has been working with clients and our LIMEs (Local in-Market Experts) for over 20 years. We are used to working with people with a range of proficiency in English, working in different time zones, and with access to different types of technology.

We want to ensure we meet a broad range of needs, including those of people with disabilities.

We are well practised in using a range of ways to communicate with our clients, partners and suppliers, to best suit their needs.  For example, in meetings we will often provide a presentation alongside a recording of the meeting and written meeting notes so people can digest information in the way and at the pace they prefer.

Clear and effective communication is another Oban value, and we always aim to be clear and jargon-free in the way we speak and write.

Some of the measures we are taking as a company to improve Accessibility are outlined in our Accessibility Strategy –  a plan that outlines actions and measures to make our products, services, and communications more accessible to clients, employees, partners and suppliers, including people with disabilities.

Some of the measure from the Accessibility Strategy include:

  1. Conducting an accessibility audit
  2. Establishing an accessibility policy
  3. Training our employees.
  4. Implementing accessibility standards
  5. Testing and evaluating our products, services, and communications
  6. Communicating and educating
  7. Making accessibility information available.
  8. Continuous improvement.

We know improving Accessibility is an ongoing process and we have a plan which we will keep updated.

We have a plan to improve this website’s accessibility and our Accessibility Statement  is available here.

We are involving employees and engaging with stakeholders to increase support and engagement with our accessibility initiatives.  If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d like to hear from you.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: + 44(01273) 613400

Post: James Smith, Oban International, Olivier House, 18 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TL UK

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