Want your brand story to go global?

Why Oban for digital PR?

Digital PR boosts your brand awareness, drives new potential customers to your website, and can gain high authority backlinks to help your search engine performance. Oban brings an international perspective to digital PR, helping to grab the attention of media, influencers, and audiences around the world.

We’ll help your brand be seen, heard, and talked about

We design digital PR campaigns that align with your target audience’s interests. This includes various formats, including video content, influencer collaborations, and data journalism.

We approach PR from an SEO perspective

Approaching digital PR from an SEO perspective is crucial for maximising online visibility. By integrating SEO techniques such as keyword optimisation and authentic backlink building into PR efforts, businesses can enhance their rankings on search engines. This dual approach ensures that PR content not only captures the target audience’s attention but also delivers a search benefit, ultimately strengthening a brand’s online presence and reputation.

Our digital PR services:

  • Auditing and analysis: Our team can audit your current digital PR efforts, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Local In-Market Expertise: We use the cultural insights of our Local In-Market Experts to tailor your PR campaigns for specific regions, ensuring maximum resonance with local audiences.
  • Campaign planning and strategy: We develop digital PR campaigns with SEO in mind, integrating storytelling, content creation, and media planning to enhance your brand’s reputation and visibility.
  • International outreach: Our global network allows us to identify key influencers, media outlets, and communities worldwide, expanding your brand’s reach across borders.

To find out how Oban can help your brand be seen, heard, and celebrated around the world, please get in touch.

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