PPC optimisation depends on both rigour and regularity, so we work to well defined processes

PPC paid search campaign optimisation

PPC is a uniquely effective channel in helping brands to sell. This effectiveness comes from the breadth of functionality (and thus the required skills) available via pay per click marketing.

However, ineffective optimisation will lead to inflated costs (useless/expensive clicks, wasted budget) and lost opportunities (sales squandered due to lack of expertise). Planned, systematic and timely optimisations are therefore key to success and will maximise the sales potential of PPC.

Our optimisation approach is:


Based on the PPC account audit and PPC set up phases, we create an optimisation plan that aligns activity to both broad goals (e.g. per market sales targets) and specific tactical needs (e.g. supporting a store launch or new product initiatives). The plan details appropriate activity levels across all aspects of account optimisation, managing key controllable campaign parameters namely impressions, cost per click (CPC), click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CR). Specifically, our optimisation plan would detail Oban activity regarding variables such as:

  • Ad Copy Qualification
  • Keyword Insertion
  • Negative Keywords
  • Ad Copy Relevancy
  • Tail Keywords
  • Ad Extensions
  • Landing Page Relevancy
  • Page Load Time
  • Zero Impression Keywords
  • Match Types
  • Budgets
  • Bid Caps

Systematic and timely

PPC optimisation depends on both rigour and regularity, so we work to well-defined processes and carefully scheduled activity, prioritising critical tasks while ensuring low impact maintenance tasks do not hinder progress towards ‘big wins’ across the campaigns.

PPC expertise is baked-in at Oban – over 90% of our employees are Google AdWords and Google Analytics accredited (that’s more than three times the average for our agency peer group).

All of our PPC campaigns are international in scope, so our LIME (Local In-Market Expert) network plays a key role in the optimisation process, supporting effective localisation via analysis of keyword portfolios, ad copy and landing pages.

Results – Big Bus Tours

To raise Big Bus Tour’s visibility across its portfolio of locations – with London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Dubai as the priorities – we created a six pillar rapid expansion strategy which would deliver rapid expansion of the business, at a cost-effective price.

Good to know: Hyper-granular campaign delivers 35% sales growth YOY.

“…This is an incredibly fast-moving business and Oban International has done a great job in maintaining a long-term focus on our strategy while responding promptly to day to day opportunities, resulting in substantial business growth.”
Andy Furlong, SVP Customer Acquisition at Big Bus Tours

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