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SEO backlink analysis

It’s true that SEO evolves quickly, and also true that backlinks still matter. The proof? Searchmetrics’ most recent rankings correlation study confirms that ‘the correlations for backlinks remain high’. Therefore, SEO success will depend on adjusting the backlink profile of your current site, either looking to remove harmful links, re-direct existing, or create fresh content to encourage new high-quality links.

All scenarios require a thorough examination of existing backlinks, to ensure that next steps are taken with your agreed SEO strategy in mind.

Successful backlink analysis demands a particular perspective on the sector, product category and keywords involved because search engine visibility is specific to relevant queries, website content and user needs.

What works well in one product category may not work in another, so our backlink analysis begins with a review of your competitors’ backlinks, clarifying how specific combinations of link and anchor text types combine to deliver visibility. Once ‘best in class’ tactics are confirmed, we compare your website to the peer group, and are thus able to identify winning tactics and execution ideas.

We also review links for source ‘toxicity’ and are quickly able to identify damaging/low-quality sources of backlinks which may be associating negative signals with your website. Diligence is key to this activity, so we use a wide range of industry-standard tools (including Ahrefs, ) to ensure that we can identify and analyse as many links as possible.

Once the technical analysis is complete, we create and deliver a comprehensive document which details where links should be removed and/or re-configured, and also clarifies the kinds of links which will support the overall SEO success of your website in the future.  This document can also include:

  • A list of URLs recommended for removal
  • Details on the creation of disavow files
  • An opportunity review report with recommendations including links between company and partner websites

From an international perspective, backlink analysis is crucial – we work with you to ensure that search engines ‘see’ backlinks as geographically relevant to your region and market. Our analysis pays particular attention to links’ country of origin and also deploys the SEO skills of our Local In Market Experts (LIME) network to locally verify the suitability and quality of backlink anchor text and the websites that currently link to your site.

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Some of our SEO clients


Merlin Entertainments

We have worked with Merlin since 2017 on a range of SEO, Content and UX projects for their attractions, including London Eye and Madame Tussaud's, as well as providing paid media support for the launch of Legoland Japan.


Jo Malone London

We have worked with Jo Malone London since 2015, through their sale to Estee Lauder Group and ever since. We provide ongoing technical SEO services and SEO migration consultancy across 21 markets,  plus SEO training for their broader team.

Lloyds Register Logo

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register Group is a technical business, service organisation and maritime classification society. Oban provides ongoing international SEO consultancy and expertise to Lloyd's Register. We have worked on several assignments from in-market research and analysis, to overseeing the migration of over 40 international sites.

Denby Logo


Denby Pottery Company is a British manufacturer of beautiful tableware. Oban provided Denby with technical SEO consultancy on a critical e-commerce multi-platform migration, and we now execute highly targeted, results-driven paid media campaigns across multiple brands and international markets.

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