We can automatically manage many product specific variables e.g. price, stock levels, images and product colours

Shopping feed planning and creation

Shopping feeds provide retailers and e-commerce focused organisations with efficient (and complementary to PPC search) ways to drive sales via very granular and agile shopping campaigns.

In contrast to the manually developed account structure of paid search campaigns, shopping feed campaigns are based on data extracted from your website. It is, therefore, possible to enable and configure them to provide ad coverage for your products within short timeframes. Oban can help you to get up and running quickly, and automatically manage many product-specific variables, e.g. price, stock levels, images, product colours, etc.

The core of our shopping feed service is to scrape and crawl a client’s websites to create rich product data feeds. Unique functionality allows us to overcome a range of challenges including:

  • Lack of staff resources to carry out product feed creation
  • Lack of software and programs to carry out extraction
  • Complex data structures on a web page
We have a range of tools that enable us to:
  • Automate structural data extraction rules and quickly deliver reliable and comprehensive data from the website in question
  • Extract large amounts of data in a small amount of time and at regular intervals.

All data extracted is updated daily which ensures that feeds contain only ‘in stock’ products and ‘up-to-date’ prices. We also provide our clients with the option of currency conversion (based on the European Central Bank currency rates) so that our clients can send their data feeds to all the countries in which they operate.  We can deliver campaigns across most global platforms and marketplaces including Google, Bing, Amazon and eBay.

Our creation process is systematic. Firstly, we can plan and create with minimal effort from your teams; the core effort will be mostly automated and based on existing website content and data. Secondly, we can enrich your site data with specific alterations (suggested by our Local In-Market Experts (LIME) network) to better suit your international audiences. For example, we can amend product keywords (e.g. from football to soccer for the US market) in real time guided by in-market language and cultural insights. Thirdly, we review custom settings to alter your campaign structure if required. Increase granularity and thus to facilitate hierarchy bidding based on product groupings from their assigned category taxonomy (e.g. category, product brand and then individual product ID). Finally, we always ensure that we plan to optimise profit and revenue, and that location targeting selects markets to which you currently ship.

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