Prioritising culturalisation (as opposed to simple translation) delivers effectively localised content perspectives.

International content audits

A content audit from Oban takes an overview of existing content and identifies the highest traffic drivers from search, referral and social channels to provide valuable insights across your websites and complementary online properties. The audit will include details on how your pages are ranking, for which keywords and on which search engines.

Oban will provide an overview of the general standard of your content, before reviewing a selection of website pages to assess quality in greater depth. The process starts with an assessment of the quality of your existing content and ends with a review of the user experience (UX). UX checks include how your content serves the intent of a user’s search and how the page facilitates the onward customer journey.

diagram for content audit

Audit recommendations would typically detail where content can improve in relation to:

  • Whether the on-page content aligns to an appropriate ‘moment’ in the user journey
  • The tone of voice and style with regard to brand guidelines
  • Systematic and logical use of H1 titles based on keyword research and editorial preference
  • Adding improved calls to action (CTAs) to pages
  • Removing poor-quality/low-performance content from your websites
  • Avoiding overlapping pages/duplicate content
  • Better cross-linking, e.g. linking product/service category names to relevant category pages
  • Ensuring full execution of fundamental SEO best practices across all pages
  • Streamlining the use of required regulatory information to improve the user experience

Subject to scope, we can extend the content audit to address a broader range of content assets, e.g. blog posts, e-mail newsletters, videos, webinars, e-books, working to build a comprehensive perspective on what content you have, what works best, what to remove, and where content can improve.

Oban delivers a uniquely international perspective to the content auditing process. Beginning with our analytics qualified UK team, and LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts), we collaborate on project kick-off.

Early LIME involvement ensures that our evaluation is guided by in-depth local market knowledge, prioritising culturalisation (as opposed to simple translation) to deliver localised content perspectives effectively. Underpinning the audit process is over 15 years’ international digital experience. Where feasible; we’ll apply our back catalogue of global content expertise to create efficiencies in operations and the clarity of final recommendations.

Results – Premier Inn

To drive traffic to Premier Inn’s German site and increase its domain authority we reviewed existing guide content, rankings in search, audience preferences for travel and guide topics, developed evergreen city guides as part of a mixed strategy of content and made paid media and SEO improvements.


Good to know – The result of our strategy – a 38% increase in impressions and click-throughs from SERP



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