Our agency focus is on helping businesses expand internationally.

About Oban

We can help you grow your business beyond the UK

There are lots of digital marketing agencies out there. But there aren’t many whose sole focus is on international growth. Oban is one such agency – and what’s more, we have over twenty years’ experience in the field, with a track record of helping hundreds of businesses expand globally

Our core services include paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media, CRO and UX, which we view through an international lens. Our entire business is built to answer the single-minded question: How can we help our clients expand beyond the UK? Post-Brexit, and post-Covid, the big growth opportunity for British businesses lies overseas.

We believe the best way to understand a market is through Local In-Market Experts. Harnessing the insights and knowledge of digital marketing experts who live and work in your target markets allows you to identify the biggest marketing opportunities – and avoid the costliest mistakes.

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