A strategic approach to seamless site migrations

Website migrations are a common feature of today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re refining your service offering, updating e-commerce systems, revamping your product catalogue, optimising your site for various devices, or changing your domain name, the importance of a comprehensive website migration plan cannot be overstated. Whatever the reason for your site migration, Oban is ready to guide you through the process.

We minimise your exposure to risk

A website migration involves both opportunities and risks. A poorly executed site migration can reset your website’s rankings and erase years of SEO history. Even small changes can have a big impact, so you need international SEO expertise to ensure everything goes smoothly. At Oban, we mitigate risk by forensically identifying potential challenges and addressing each aspect with tried and tested methodologies.

We focus on key areas

Oban’s commitment to seamless site migrations is evident throughout every step of the process, including:

  • Benchmarking, objectives, and KPIs: Ensuring the migration stays on course by establishing benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for tracking traffic and conversion metrics.
  • Site structure: Strategically designing the architecture and navigation of your website to facilitate ease of use for both search engine crawlers and users.
  • Technology specifications: Taking into account technical aspects such as JavaScript functionality and considerations related to Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • Technical auditing: Conducting thorough technical audits to identify and address potential issues that may impact site performance and SEO.
  • Content marketing strategy: Planning the transfer of existing content while identifying and addressing content gaps that may require attention.
  • User acceptance testing (UAT): Allocating sufficient time to incorporate SEO requirements into the testing phase and address any issues that may arise during the build process.
  • Launch day support: Providing support and monitoring on the day of the site migration to address any issues as they arise.
  • Post-launch planning: Monitoring analytics post-launch, promptly addressing any emerging issues to ensure a smooth transition.

Partner with international SEO experts

Since 2002, Oban has helped numerous brands across sectors and markets with the intricacies of their site migrations. Contact us today to discuss your site migration requirements.

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Some of our SEO clients


Merlin Entertainments

We have worked with Merlin since 2017 on a range of SEO, Content and UX projects for their attractions, including London Eye and Madame Tussaud's, as well as providing paid media support for the launch of Legoland Japan.


Jo Malone London

We have worked with Jo Malone London since 2015, through their sale to Estee Lauder Group and ever since. We provide ongoing technical SEO services and SEO migration consultancy across 21 markets,  plus SEO training for their broader team.

Lloyds Register Logo

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register Group is a technical business, service organisation and maritime classification society. Oban provides ongoing international SEO consultancy and expertise to Lloyd's Register. We have worked on several assignments from in-market research and analysis, to overseeing the migration of over 40 international sites.

Denby Logo


Denby Pottery Company is a British manufacturer of beautiful tableware. Oban provided Denby with technical SEO consultancy on a critical e-commerce multi-platform migration, and we now execute highly targeted, results-driven paid media campaigns across multiple brands and international markets.

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