During the migration process, we will highlight SEO opportunities and ensure that these are addressed

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Website migrations are a common activity in today’s ever-changing digital landscape – whether you are changing your service offering, e-commerce system, product catalogue, domain name or perhaps you are deciding that your site needs a complete overhaul to ensure it complies with usage on multiple device types.

If any of the above means you are changing any key attribute to your website, you should consider your migration plan. It’s crucial to adhere to best-practice when undertaking any site migration SEO. This is to ensure that possible traffic and organic visibility loss will be kept to a minimum.

The graph below demonstrates what can happen when a site is migrated correctly – a successful domain migration carried out by Oban – showing domain changeover and performance stability:

When undertaking a website migration plan, both opportunities and risks exist. With all migration plans, Oban mitigates all risks by first identifying precisely what they are. We then approach each topic individually and apply a best practice approach, thus ensuring a safe and sustainable workflow. Our migration process is illustrated below:

Website migration process

During the migration process, we will highlight SEO opportunities and ensure that these are addressed while migrating the site. For example, is migration the best time to review and exploit your domain strategy from an international perspective? What about improved localisation of URL structures, and boosting site speed to suit the needs of mobile first markets better?

Because our team embodies over 12 years of SEO experience and is staffed by industry-renowned international SEO experts, we will provide both risk minimisation and opportunity maximisation as we support your site migration from start to finish.

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