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Unlocking the SEO domain puzzle: An important international ranking factor

International domain strategy is a vital aspect of SEO, tailoring web addresses to specific regions. A successful international domain strategy boosts search rankings, aligns with local preferences, and ensures a seamless connection with global audiences, optimising online visibility and engagement.

Tailored solutions for domain strategy in your target markets

We start with a thorough understanding of the domain strategies relevant to your region, market, and sector. Technical setup is crucial, so engaging with your development team to navigate potential limitations is the first step.

Strategic URL choices for each market

Deciding on the URL for a new market involves strategic choices. For non-country specific top-level domains (TLDs) like .com or .org, you can opt for subfolders, maintaining a consistent domain while appending country-specific codes. Alternatively, subdomains can be used, although this approach means less SEO authority from the main site.

Navigating ccTLDs

If you have a ccTLD, such as .co.uk, a distinct approach is required. Search engines automatically link country-specific domains to their markets, making the introduction of new ccTLDs for each market a viable option. However, this comes with the challenge of starting SEO efforts from scratch for each market.

Oban’s proven domain expertise can elevate your global presence

Oban’s domain strategy expertise brings a unique international perspective to your planning. Since 2002, our international SEO experts have tailored recommendations based on best practices, market-specific planning, and optimisation strategies for specific search engines. We can craft the right international domain strategy for your business.

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Some of our SEO clients


Merlin Entertainments

We have worked with Merlin since 2017 on a range of SEO, Content and UX projects for their attractions, including London Eye and Madame Tussaud's, as well as providing paid media support for the launch of Legoland Japan.


Jo Malone London

We have worked with Jo Malone London since 2015, through their sale to Estee Lauder Group and ever since. We provide ongoing technical SEO services and SEO migration consultancy across 21 markets,  plus SEO training for their broader team.

Lloyds Register Logo

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register Group is a technical business, service organisation and maritime classification society. Oban provides ongoing international SEO consultancy and expertise to Lloyd's Register. We have worked on several assignments from in-market research and analysis, to overseeing the migration of over 40 international sites.

Denby Logo


Denby Pottery Company is a British manufacturer of beautiful tableware. Oban provided Denby with technical SEO consultancy on a critical e-commerce multi-platform migration, and we now execute highly targeted, results-driven paid media campaigns across multiple brands and international markets.

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