We take culture seriously – and that includes our own culture.

Our culture

Oban has six core values united by the theme of ‘will to win’. Will to win means two things:

  • We want our clients to win – to be successful and outperform their competitors
  • We want to win – to be a key part of our clients’ success and an outstanding partner to them.

Our six values are:

Embrace difference
Good ideas can come from anywhere in the business and we know collaboration achieves the best results. We focus on diversity, inclusion and accessibility to make sure everyone is included and everyone contributes.

Innovate and improve
We anticipate the impact of trends on our clients’ businesses. We consider how we can drive better performance – for our clients and ourselves. We expect our team to embrace continual learning and to be open to new ideas and technologies.

Step up to the plate
We take responsibility to do the right things and speak up for the right things. We behave sustainably as a business and accountably in the community. We see who needs help amongst our clients and team and always act with kindness.

Worthwhile work
Worthwhile work is work that has purpose and adds value. We expect everyone on the team to identify what creates an advantage for our clients, to understand the impact of what we do and to be proud of our results.

Zest and ingenuity
We’re always looking for ways to get things done better and faster. We resolve problems and look for clever solutions. We work with energy, positive spirit, and pace.

Stay connected
We expect our team to be proactive and responsive communicators – talking to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. Clients and colleagues need clear communication that gets to the point and is meaningful and useful.

As an Oban client, you can expect your team to be:

We keep our promises and we deliver on time.

We only recommend what we believe is right for your business.

We don’t sweat the small stuff. We think about how to add value without running the clock.

We use processes and tools that help us identify relevant insights and recommendations for your business to drive better digital marketing performance. We are always looking for what’s new and how to improve.

High energy
We can always be bothered. We will work with energy to deliver high-quality, high-value solutions for your business. We look for ways to outsmart your competitors and we always think about bottom-line business value.

We respond promptly and helpfully. We don’t leave you wondering if your message or request has been picked up and we make sure you have what you need from us, when you need it.

Good to do business with
Clients and agencies spend a lot of time together. We recruit for talent but also for personality. We have a diverse range of people at Oban. Everyone is a team player, working well with you and your other agency partners, and we enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

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