With in-depth market knowledge, our evaluation process delivers cultural relevancy and linguistic accuracy

Content gap analysis

Some commentators believe we have reached the time of ‘peak content,’ i.e. that too much content exists online, citing decreasing rates of visibility and engagement as evidence. Most would agree that content exists online in very great depth and breadth, so content planning demands an increasingly rigorous approach, which is where a content gap analysis ‘fits’ into content marketing strategy and tactics.

The content gap analysis – which builds on content strengths and weaknesses identified via the content audit – will clarify content opportunities, as signposted by the presence of consumer interest (keyword research helps here) and confirmed by the evident success of content created by your competitors. In other words, gap analysis helps us to suggest new content ideas based on reliable consumer data and proven market success.

The data led part of the analysis is simple to explain; we review the keywords that your competitors are visible for that you are not, and from this, we can establish content themes and ideas to improve SEO visibility and to help your audience with commonly searched for queries.

Using Oban’s proprietary technology and powerful tools we can review extensive data relating to you and your competitors to reveal content and keywords which your competitors are ranking for effectively and you are not.

The end-product typically includes:

  • A data set of the long-tail keywords that your website is not visible for but competitors are.
  • Assessment of high-quality pages created by competitors that feature relevant search keywords, revealing multiple content ideas for discussion and possible development.
  • A range of content ideas that can be exploited to be more competitive.

Good to know that we apply human analysis, creativity and expert local knowledge along the way, blending the skills of our UK hub and Local In-Market Expert (LIME) teams to focus on:

  • Topic grouping
  • Sense checking
  • Keyword prioritisation
  • Content themes and page titles/text

LIME input is crucial – with in-depth market knowledge, our evaluation process can be relied upon to deliver both cultural relevancy and linguistic accuracy.

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