We can investigate accounts in most languages, and across all major pay per click platforms worldwide

PPC Paid media account audit

Many organisations already have PPC accounts set up, either by legacy/incumbent agencies, or in-house teams. Due to the technical nature of PPC, and specific differences and requirements across platforms, e.g. Google, Bing, Yandex, Naver etc., quality control for marketing teams can be challenging, and often becomes a more significant issue as time passes.

In most instances, we find that a thorough and systematic audit of PPC accounts reveals numerous opportunities for improvement, either by creating efficiencies to make more of existing budgets, or to push for growth via account expansion and innovation.

Our approach to PPC account auditing includes a comprehensive checklist of over 100 PPC account attributes. We investigate each aspect, give it a score and RAG (red/amber/green) prioritise the suggested changes. The checks include:

  • Geotargeting and language settings.
  • Regional targeting implementation
  • Landing page suitability for geotargeting
  • The application of ad extensions
  • Ad groups’ keyword & ad copy relevancy
  • Negative keywords
  • Match type strategy, and related ad group structure
  • Competitor activity and keyword portfolio

Once the checklist is complete, we provide a baseline score for account health, which then allows us to gauge the likely potential for improvement and growth. On request, more in-depth analysis can be conducted to confirm the validity of Google Analytics installations, clarify attribution modelling and any offset principles in place, and to forecast for future results based on historical data.

Oban delivers a uniquely international perspective to PPC audits. We can investigate accounts in most languages, and across all major pay per click platforms worldwide. We do this via our LIME (Local In-Market Expert) network, using seasoned ‘in-market’ paid media practitioners to focus on localisation issues such as ad copy accuracy, correct use of negative keywords and overall account structure.

Once completed, LIME input is locally quality checked and verified, then incorporated into the central audit managed by Oban’s paid media experts. Over 90% of all Oban employees are Google AdWords and Google Analytics accredited – that’s more than three times the average for our agency peer group.

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Some of our paid media clients


Merlin Entertainments

We have worked with Merlin since 2017 on a range of SEO, Content and UX projects for their attractions, including London Eye and Madame Tussaud's, as well as providing paid media support for the launch of Legoland Japan.

bbc world service logo

BBC World Service

Oban has been working with BBC World Service for over four years. We have delivered digital campaigns across 51 markets, in 26 languages, winning awards such as Best Use of Paid Media for our work on the BBC 100 Women campaign. We now work with the BBC World Service to deliver above the line campaigns across Africa and the Middle East.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Logo

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

We have been working with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a multinational electrical equipment and electronics company headquartered in Tokyo for over a year, promoting the brand’s thought leadership hub, Spectra. Initially working on paid media campaigns in Europe, we have recently expanded the scope of our work to cover North America.

Denby Logo


Denby Pottery Company is a British manufacturer of beautiful tableware. Oban provided Denby with technical SEO consultancy on a critical e-commerce multi-platform migration, and we now execute highly targeted, results-driven paid media campaigns across multiple brands and international markets.

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