Transform e-commerce performance with Oban’s Shopping expertise

Why choose Oban’s Shopping solutions?

Shopping and retail media tactics are becoming increasingly diverse and complex, with mobile and social media offering a wide palette of options. Oban delivers technical best practice, innovative tactics, and international scale for this fast-changing channel.

A commitment to innovation

Shopping-enabled advertising products are key areas of product development of social media and search engine platforms. Oban’s focus on innovation means that the latest available tactics will always be prioritised so to best serve your objectives and KPIs. From targeting approaches through to audience and market prioritisation, we’ll ensure we’re optimising your activity for maximum ROI.

We have a special focus on retail media

Within the e-commerce landscape, the retail media space is where our services truly shine. Our holistic approach enhances your brand’s visibility and optimises how your products appear in searches and placements. This means that more people notice you and buy from you in the competitive online marketplace. The goal is to ensure your products receive the attention they deserve, leading to more clicks and sales.

Unlock success in online shopping

At Oban, we don’t just optimise feeds; we optimise outcomes. Get in touch to find out how we can help you navigate the fast-moving world of online shopping or click below to read more about the individual paid media services we offer.

Complementary paid media services

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