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At Oban, we understand that seamless user experiences transcend borders. Our comprehensive UX services are designed to elevate your brand globally, by ensuring that every user interaction is appropriately tailored to each market.

Our UX services:

  • User research: Understand your audience across markets with our locally-focused user research. Our team of experts delves into the preferences and behaviours of your target markets, providing valuable insights to shape a user-centric design strategy.
  • User reviews: Real user feedback is crucial to a successful digital presence. We facilitate genuine user reviews, allow you to understand your audience’s sentiments and refine your UX based on their evolving expectations.
  • User testing: Our rigorous approach to testing ensures that your digital platforms not only meet but exceed user expectations in each market. We provide recommendations for improvement, usually via detailed page wireframes or low fidelity page prototypes. Test variations can include changes to on-page titles, on-page copy, calls to action (CTAs), images, data capture forms, e-commerce funnels, and payment pages.
  • International user persona development: We create fictional characters that represent your target audience in each market, helping to guide design decisions and ensure that your website meets user needs around the world.

The Local In-Market Expert advantage

Our Local In-Market Experts – numbering over 450 people in over 80 countries – seamlessly integrate relevant cultural and linguistic nuances into your UX. They ensure that your design resonates with diverse markets, making your digital presence truly international.

So, if you’re looking for an international lens on UX, please get in touch – or read more about our related services including Conversion Rate Optimisation and Accessibility Consulting:

Complementary UX services

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