Oban's LIMEs advise our central team on how to drive the best performance in their local markets

LIME (Local In-Market Experts) Network

Oban has created a unique LIME network of more than 450 curated digital marketing experts from over 80 markets, covering more than 70 languages.

They are local specialists in digital media, content, research and cultural localisation, working to Oban’s rigorous best practice guidelines and processes.

LIMEs advise our central team on how to drive the best performance in their local marketplaces and execute local campaigns.

What are the advantages of our LIME network?

Our LIMEs are based in market.  That gives them a key advantage over native speakers living and working elsewhere. It is well researched that only 18 months after you move out of your home market, language and culture start to blend with the market where you are based now. We want our LIMEs to have up to the minute facts and insights about their local market at their fingertips and a finger on the pulse of what happening. This gives us the chance to make the most of trends and opportunities before they are widely publicised,  and also makes sure we avoid any cultural faux pas.

We have worked with many of our LIMEs for  many years. They choose to work exclusively with Oban in the UK because we treat them as full members of the team,  because we train them and help them keep their skills up to date, because we hold them accountable for their results and because they can see the impact of their insights and expertise on client performance.

Why is it called our LIME network?

LIME stands for Local In-Market Experts and focuses on the benefits LIMEs bring – local knowledge, based in market, years of experience and expertise.

There are two other advantages to the LIME name:

In some Caribbean markets ‘liming’ means to discuss and throw ideas around. We work collaboratively to make sure we get the most from our LIMEs’ input.

In many languages ‘limer’ means ‘to polish’. Our LIMEs help improve performance, they  give us insights and add quality assurance, ensuring we make the most of local opportunities and avoid costly cultural mistakes.

Examples of LIME impact

Insight into vernacular terms for a footwear retailer led to identifying 650,000 additional keyword volume that was off the competitor radar.

Insight into hybrid English-Italian language use for a low cost flight operator opened up a raft of new terminology that would never have been picked up in translation.

A heads-up in changing legislation allowed us ensure our client was compliant and ahead of the game where some of their key competitors were caught out.

A  review of imagery planned for B2B advertising identified several potential cultural clashes in the way office life was depicted.

A UX review of a French signing on process for a financial product highlighted several points that jarred with French cultural expectations.

A review of a client’s Spanish sites showed the wrong type of Spanish used in some South American markets.

A LIME highlighted a local payment method missing in one market which improved a client’s conversion rate with a key section of their target market.

A client saw their business drop off suddenly and couldn’t work out why. A LIME was able to tell them immediately about a new local competitor.

A LIME told us immediately when a government temporarily suspended a broadcaster and we were able to divert funds elsewhere the same day.

Meet some of our LIMEs

Kristiana video thumbnail

Kristiana – The Philippines

Benjamin video thumbnail

Benjamin – The Netherlands

Lars Video Thumbnail

Lars – Sweden

Bela Video Thumbnail

Bela – South Africa

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