450 experts, 80 countries – your key to international digital marketing success

What is the LIME network?

Oban’s unique LIME network is a global powerhouse made up of over 450 Local In-Market Experts (LIMEs) spread across 80 countries. Managed from our UK base in Brighton, this network is key to delivering first-class international digital marketing solutions. Our team has carefully chosen these experts, each bringing a unique set of digital marketing skills to enhance our clients’ global campaigns. At Oban, we firmly believe that Local In-Market Expertise is the key to identifying the biggest marketing opportunities and avoiding the costliest mistakes.

How does the LIME network work?

Our central team of digital experts, located in Brighton, UK, takes charge of project managing the LIME network. Using a detailed approach, they serve as the central hub, coordinating the efforts of our LIMEs globally. This streamlined approach guarantees smooth communication and understanding between our clients and the LIMEs. Clients who work with Oban will primarily liaise with our UK team, ensuring a direct line for project management. The UK team oversees delivery, while the LIMEs contribute their on-the-ground digital, linguistic, and cultural insights, amplifying the effectiveness of our clients’ strategies.

Where are the LIMEs based?

Spanning the globe, our LIMEs are strategically positioned in over 80 countries. Across all five continents, our network is versatile and ready to meet your international marketing needs. Whether it’s deciphering regional variations impacting Middle Eastern e-commerce, supercharging paid media performance in key US markets, or localising digital assets in Central and Eastern Europe, our LIMEs are your go-to guides for crafting successful campaigns tailored to your unique requirements.

Oban’s LIME network is designed to be agile and suited to digital ways of working. We can assemble virtual teams tailored specifically to your sector and market requirements. Whatever your international digital marketing aspirations, Oban’s LIMEs are ready to take your campaigns to new heights.

Meet the LIMEs

Kristiana video thumbnail

Kristiana – The Philippines

Benjamin video thumbnail

Benjamin – The Netherlands

Lars Video Thumbnail

Lars – Sweden

Bela Video Thumbnail

Bela – South Africa

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