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How to optimise e-commerce category pages for customers and search visibility

How to optimise e‑commerce category pages for customers and search visibility

Webinar: Voice search for an international audience

Voice search is an increasingly important focus for digital marketing professionals around the globe.

Google has a need for (mobile site) speed

Google has announced an update to the algorithm for mobile rankings which will go live in July this year.

Buritisshu or Igirisu? How to make your fashion brand more visible in the Japanese market?

What are the e-commerce opportunities for British fashion brands in Japan?

5 ways to improve international e‑commerce success with SEO, UX and CRO

5 ways to improve international e‑commerce success with SEO, UX and CRO

Improve your International reach at BrightonSEO

Oban’s popular one day International SEO training course is back at Brighton SEO in April.

What can Santa Claus teach us about e‑commerce media planning?

Four things Santa Claus can teach us about e‑commerce media planning

The English are coming: Why English brands may be more likely to succeed in Germany than British ones

Have we wrongly assumed that ‘Britishness’ is a concept that will be universally understood and applied?

Oban wins Travolution Award for Best Use of Search Engine Marketing with Big Bus Tours campaign

Big Bus Tours campaign recognised with the Best Use of Search Engine Marketing Award by Travolution.

Do British luxury brands need to worry about French and Italian competitors?

Scanning the top 100 ‘best global brands’ for UK luxury leaders, only Burberry is visible at #86.

Which markets are best for Brexport luxury brands?

A key challenge for marketers of British luxury brands is to decide which international markets to prioritise.

British luxury goods ‘lack global clout’ vs. Euro competitors

Market selection and customer insight are key to unlocking international digital success

Frescobol Carioca awards multimarket digital account to Oban International

Oban appointed by luxury lifestyle brand Frescobol Carioca

Oban wins Denby Pottery multi-brand digital account

British heritage pottery brands Denby, Burleigh and Poole appoint Oban

The Netherlands: a European e-commerce hotspot. A consideration for UK businesses?

With a strong economy and excellent technology infrastructure, the Netherlands is a serious market to consider.

Russia: B2C commerce to increase by 13% in 2017. A market worth exploring?

By 2021, it is estimated that Russia could see as much as £19.5 billion in online B2C sales.

Poland: largest economy in Central Europe. Opportunity for UK businesses?

Supported by a strong economy, Poland e-commerce offering is now catching up with its European neighbours.