Our Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Embrace Difference is Oban International’s core value.  Our core business proposition is cultural localisation – adapting digital marketing to reflect local cultures accurately so communication is seamless.

We want everyone to feel included at Oban and as part of that we are working towards making our website more accessible.  We recognise that it is important to keep in mind that accessibility is always an ongoing process and there is always room for improvement.

This statement tells you about what we are doing to improve our website’s accessibility. We review accessibility regularly, and we have a plan to keep our website updated.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our website accessibility, please contact [email protected] or call him on +44 (01273) 613400.

These are some of the strategies and techniques we are using to improve our accessibility:


1.     Use clear and simple language.

We will use plain and straightforward language that is easy to understand.  We will avoid jargon, technical terms, and acronyms, or explain them clearly. We work with many clients and LIMEs (Oban’s Local In-Market Experts) who do not use English as their first language.


2.     Add alternative text to images.

We use alternative text (also known as alt text) to describe images and other non-text elements on our website.  This helps users who are using screen readers or other assistive technologies to understand the content of our website.


3.     Provide captions and transcripts for videos.

We provide captions for videos on our website to make them accessible to users who are deaf or hard of hearing. Part of our accessibility plan is also to add audio description or transcripts of our videos.


4.     Make sure our website is keyboard friendly.

We are working to ensure that users can navigate our website using only a keyboard, and that all functionality is available through keyboard shortcuts.


5.     Optimise for mobile devices.

We optimise our website for mobile devices to ensure that it is accessible to users who are using smaller screens. We ensure we do not require high speed connections and that our main information can be accessed without a heavy data burden for those with limited internet connectivity or slower speeds.


6.     Use proper heading structure.

We use headings and subheadings to organise the written content on our website and use the appropriate heading level for each piece of content.


7.     Review fonts, colours and contrast

We review our use of fonts, colours and contrast to make sure that text and other elements on our website are easy to read for users with vision impairments. The accessibility tool on the left hand side of the website allows users to change font, text size, contrast, lighten the background or change the site  to grayscale.


8.     Test our website with assistive technologies.

Increasingly we are testing our website using assistive technologies to ensure that it is accessible to users with disabilities.


9.     Make sure our website complies with accessibility guidelines.

We are improving our website to make sure it complies with accessibility guidelines such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure that it is accessible to as many users as possible.


10.Keep our website updated.

We regularly check and update our website to fix any accessibility issues that may arise and we have a plan to improve its accessibility.

. . .

We’re always happy to hear ideas to improve the accessibility of our website and to answer any questions or concerns you have. You can get in touch with us  in one of the following ways:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44(01273) 613400

Letter: James Smith, Oban International, Runway East, York and Elder Works, 50 New England Street, Brighton, BN1 4AW, UK

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