With daily updates as standard, your feed will always reflect your best products and latest promotions

Shopping feed optimisation

A thorough and diligent approach to shopping feed optimisation creates numerous opportunities for retailers and e-commerce brands to boost sales while maintaining efficiencies. Optimising towards a clear ROI, ROAS or CPA goal will allow us to test, analyse and refine towards lowest possible bids across your product SKUs, to expose all your inventory to likely buyers at the lowest possible cost. With daily feed updates as standard, your feed will always be up to date, seamlessly reflecting your best products and latest promotions.

When optimising shopping feeds, either created by Oban or based on your incumbent platform, we adhere to industry best practice, focusing on:

  • Always keeping an eye on performance so that we react quickly to any changes on the bidding landscape.
  • Setting up bids adequately to the product price and the return received – we don’t want to bid more on low-priced items than on higher priced ones!
  • Although we cannot use positive keywords, we can still specify the negative ones. In this way, we can narrow down your campaign’s audience to improve performance by filtering out keywords bringing you no value, e.g. for keywords implying no buying intend such as feedback, specification or hire.
  • Tweaking bids on a product level – based on our experience, campaigns can be successfully optimised to meet its desired return by continually tweaking item bids hence tailoring their exposure to reach goals.

We will always:

  • Use the Diagnostics tab to check that all your inventory is approved, confirm that description of the product is correct and detailed, check that product types are as well-classified as possible and utilise your custom columns to enrich your data as required.
  • Divide your products into groups based on high to low prices or ‘high to low-profit margins’ to allow for greater refinement, ROI and prioritising.
  • Look for innovative ways to boost the campaigns, e.g. by suggesting new landing pages or trialling 150-character ad titles.
  • Use custom labels to highlight the bestselling 5-10% of all products. We can then give these higher bids and increased priority.

As well as enriching site data with feed specific alterations (suggested by our LIME (Local In-Market Expert) network) to better suit your international audiences, our LIMEs will check negative keywords for linguistic and cultural relevance, and can also review competitors’ shopping ads to ensure that we fully understand the market specific nuances of competing products, prices and promotions.

Results – Sports Direct

To improve conversion for Sports Direct, we created a paid media shopping strategy which included audience intent research from which we developed localisation recommendations for technology, language and conversion specifically for the German market.

Good to know: We continually increased the number of converted clicks month-by-month offering significant uplift to overall online sales.

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