We begin with a review of potential social media influencers in your target international market.

Social outreach and amplification across global markets

Global consumers enjoy an abundance of choice in branded/marketing content, whether presented via search activity, shared via chat and social, or pushed via paid for media. This abundance implies that only a very narrow selection of content will be ‘naturally’ viewed in depth, so once suitable content is identified (see content audit) and planned (see content planning), the next phase to consider is how to encourage interaction.

Our outreach and amplification process is best delivered once the social media audit is complete, as the audit clarifies current activity and where best opportunities are present. We begin with a review of potential social media influencers in your target market, publications or individuals with appropriate levels of content familiarity, audience reach and all-around credibility. Note that this stage benefits from a liaison with your PR teams – we collaborate to ensure that we are creating new and valuable relationships that complement any existing international media activity.

Talking of collaboration, this is the next best practice step with in-market influencers. Attempting to shoe-horn a pre-existing content calendar into a credible influencer’s efforts is usually counter-productive; the established audience relationship must be respected, with content co-planned (and sometimes co-created) to ensure the best fit with the influencer’s’ audience. With content tactics defined, we agree on outreach KPIs and goals, create schedules and execute accordingly.

Our Local In-Market Experts (LIMEs) are pivotal to outreach success. In some markets, LIMEs themselves are established influencers in verticals such as travel and technology. In other markets, LIMEs work with our core UK team to identify new influencers, develop and clarify in-market priorities, and contribute to our QA processes, applying seasoned local digital marketing knowledge to ensure success at every stage.

Results – Premier Inn

Premier Inn recently launched a new German hotel in Frankfurt.  They wanted to improve weekend bookings as typically rooms are booked for business stays in the week. Oban supported them by promoting the city as a destination for leisure travellers not just business people in Germany.

Our campaign invited a youthful German influencer to meet interesting locals and experience the vibrant city of Frankfurt. We developed short clips for use on social, and longer clips for website/YouTube that bring Frankfurt to life. Our LIME scripted the videos and filmed them profiling local characters/places of interest.

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