Remarketing excellence across markets and platforms

Why choose Oban for remarketing and retargeting?

In a competitive digital landscape, maintaining a presence with your audience is crucial. Oban’s remarketing campaigns focus on individuals who have interacted with your website, social pages, or app. We use display, social, programmatic, or search campaigns to strengthen your brand, showcase products, display pricing, feature compelling imagery, and present enticing offers, ensuring your brand remains relevant and valuable to your audience.

Comprehensive remarketing services

Our dedicated team can expertly create, manage, and report on remarketing campaigns tailored to diverse markets, languages, and platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Bing, Google, Baidu, or other market-specific platforms, we meticulously plan each campaign, addressing crucial aspects such as:

  • Audience development: Using first party data, CRM data, and email addresses to build a refined audience.
  • Messaging and ad content: Crafting compelling messages and dynamic remarketing to showcase recently viewed and highly relevant products automatically.
  • Frequency and duration: Optimising ad settings for non-intrusiveness and ongoing campaign optimisation based on the latest results.
  • Integration with digital activities: Ensuring seamless coordination with other digital strategies, including display, email, SEO, and more.
  • Recovering lost sales: Targeting users who abandoned shopping carts or dropped out during the purchasing process.

Localised expertise for global impact

Our LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts) collaborate with Oban’s paid media team to localise remarketing campaigns according to market language and cultural nuances. Get in touch to find out more about Oban’s approach to remarketing or click below to read more about the individual paid media services we offer.

Complementary paid media services

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