Paid media can be rapidly deployed for international market launch and expansion

International Paid Media

Although organic / earned digital marketing (e.g. SEO) delivers very cost-effective results, campaign momentum can be slow to build, and establishing a meaningful footprint across multiple international markets is time-consuming. Paid media can be rapidly deployed to deliver efficient campaigns across a broad range of scenarios including market testing, new product launches, market expansion, supporting SEO, and many more.

Kick off budgets can be flexibly tailored to suit most requirements, and results can be used quickly to improve on recent efforts. Unlike SEO, where meaningful converting keyword data is unavailable, paid media provides very granular conversion data to inform in-channel optimisation and cross-channel integration/decision making.

Oban’s paid media offer delivers across a very broad range of channels including:

  • PPC paid search across all global platforms including Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Naver, Yahoo.
  • Performance focused display advertising, across major international and ‘niche’ in-market platforms, with programmatic display and dynamic re-marketing also available.
  • Paid for social advertising and content amplification, tailored to the specific language and cultural needs of every targeted country.
  • Shopping feed planning, creation and optimisation.
  • International e-commerce marketplace advertising management, e.g. for Amazon, eBay, comparison shopping engines.

At the outset, our paid media audits and planning/forecasting methodologies will ensure we build our campaigns on firm foundations. On-going, our activity is aligned to clear plans and optimised to agreed goals and KPIs.

Oban’s paid media team are experienced and highly skilled – over 90% of all Oban employees are Google AdWords and Google Analytics accredited (that’s more than three times the average for our agency peer group). Additionally, Oban are Google Premier Partners, placing us in the top 3% of UK agencies.

The majority of our paid media campaigns are international in scope, so our LIME (Local In Market Expert) network plays a vital role in the optimisation process, supporting effective localisation via in-market analysis of keyword portfolios, ad copy, display creative, promoted content, social messaging and landing pages.

Our technology approach is simple – we work with Google’s DoubleClick platforms across global search and display campaigns, and with market-specific technologies for regional or in-country activity.

Results – Big Bus Tours

To raise Big Bus Tour’s visibility across its portfolio of locations – with London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Dubai as the priorities – we created a six pillar rapid expansion strategy which would deliver a rapid expansion of the business, at a cost-effective price.

Good to know – Hyper-granular campaign delivers 35% sales growth YOY.

Client Comment:

“…This is an incredibly fast-moving business, and Oban International has done a great job in maintaining a long-term focus on our strategy while responding promptly to day to day opportunities, resulting in substantial business growth.”
Andy Furlong, SVP Customer Acquisition, Big Bus Tours

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