We use our cultural database to provide the right recommendations for your markets

User Experience (UX)/Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Our view on overall site usability is that user experience must result in the desired conversion, whether that’s a content download, video engagement, lead capture or e-commerce sale. Thus, conversion rate optimisation is hugely important.

We ensure all CRO recommendations include a fully culturalised perspective that carefully aligns your website design, font, colours, images, language and functional detail with local in-market cultural expectations. This approach makes Oban’s conversion rate optimisation services best in class across all international digital marketing campaigns.

Our services focus on:

User research

We manage and report on users’ reactions to current and planned website pages, using remote interviews (alongside screen and sound recordings) with your global customers and internal stakeholders. User testing enables us to identify major UX issues and barriers to online conversion. We also use our unique LIME network (Local In-Market Experts) to clarify how users experience your website wherever they are.

Tracking users

Using best in class software, we create heat maps of your web pages to identify where and how users click, hover, scroll, fill in forms and complete/abandon shopping baskets. In combination with screen recording tools, we can clarify whether certain elements are blocking user journeys and can observe how users move across pages. Deep diving into site analytics is also useful and allows us to see which pages and funnels are underperforming or performing well and why.

Expert reviews

We use expert reviews to assess your digital marketing efforts (using the principles established by Jakob Nielsen’s usability guidelines) and evaluate issues including information consistency, user control over content, and the use of ‘clear’ language.

Oban has earned a unique position in the market as recognised experts in cultural differences in behaviour, use of technology and preferences for design. We use our cultural database and work through our team of LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts) to provide recommendations that are suitable for each of your markets.


By encompassing A/B testing and more complex multi-variate testing (MVT), we have significant experience in testing website pages and providing improvement recommendations, usually via detailed page wireframes or low fidelity page prototypes. Test variations can include changes to on-page titles, on-page copy, calls to action (CTAs), images, data capture forms, e-commerce ‘funnels’ and payment pages.

Results – Dell

Oban surveyed 1,200 online consumers across seven markets, giving them a series of tasks to undertake using the Dell home page, a category page and a product page. Our survey found significant differences in site engagement, but also identified similarities across markets. Surprisingly, the three distinct preference clusters weren’t necessarily linked by language or geography. Our findings had important implications for Dell’s regional designs. Elements that weren’t popular in certain regions were amended and our research was used to predict the optimal placement for calls to action and other important on-page elements.

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