We want everyone to feel included at Oban


One of Oban’s core values is ‘embrace difference’, and a key part of this is accessibility. To maximise inclusion, we are working towards making every part of our business more accessible, including this website and the way we communicate.

We want to ensure we meet a broad range of needs, including those of people with disabilities. Oban has an accessibility strategy, which outlines actions and measures to make our products, services, and communications more accessible to clients, employees, partners and suppliers, including people with disabilities.

Measures within the strategy include:

  1. Auditing accessibility and establishing an accessibility policy
  2. Training our employees
  3. Implementing accessibility standards
  4. Testing and evaluating our products, services, and communications
  5. Making accessibility information available
  6. Continuous improvement

We know improving accessibility is an ongoing process and we keep our accessibility plan under review. We also have a plan to improve this website’s accessibility which you can read here. If you have any accessibility-related questions or suggestions, we’d like to hear from you.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: + 44(01273) 613400
Post: James Smith, Oban International, Olivier House, 18 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TL UK

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