Just like a search engine, you need visibility to compete with rival global brands within marketplaces

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Marketplaces have come to play a central role in e-commerce. For many, specialist retailers, they represent their primary access to the market. Even for larger retailers, marketplaces are seen as a vital channel to run alongside own brand websites and other sales channels. They offer an excellent way for any retailer to expand their reach, attract new customers, trial new ranges and put a stake in the ground in new territories – often without having to make significant capital outlay.

Across international markets, a wide range of marketplaces present opportunities on a global level (Amazon, eBay), on a regional basis, e.g. Mercado Libre in Latin America, or are key players within specific markets, e.g. Rakuten in Japan, Flipkart in India, Cdiscount in France or Konga in Nigeria.

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The marketplace challenge for any brand is competition – just like a search engine, you need visibility to compete with other brands within the marketplaces. Our first step is to use relevant keyword research to inform both your product strategy (which products we are likely to sell) and your technical/tactical implementation.

For example, we can use your existing product shopping feed data and apply market specific keyword insight to modify and improve the relevance of your product metadata and text descriptions. This process is akin to on page optimisation but bears in mind the specific technical requirements of each marketplace for product data, e.g. length of the descriptive text, image specifications etc.

Where possible, our solution will be automated so that modifications to your feed data (e.g. pricing data) can be incorporated in real time with no manual intervention. Overall, we review all the known marketplace algorithm factors (e.g. eBay’s best match algorithm) and tailor our solutions accordingly.

We can also advise you on how best to create compelling product pages, how to engineer your content to maximise sales, and whether you should consider using ‘paid for’ advertising on marketplaces, e.g. via Amazon sponsored products.


As with on-page optimisation, cultural and local understanding is crucial to SEO for marketplaces. Linguistic, cultural, technical and regional input from our Local In-Market Experts (LIME) network is key to planning and executing successful SEO for international marketplaces.

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