FAQs on Oban’s approach and services

Welcome to Oban International’s FAQs.

Here, we aim to address common queries about our unique approach to digital marketing and international expansion. Below, you’ll find answers to key questions regarding our services, approach, and how we can help your business thrive globally. Feel free to navigate using the jump links provided for your convenience.

If your question isn’t listed below, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

At Oban, our unique approach lies in our extensive network of Local In-Market Experts (LIMEs). With over 450 experts across 80 countries, we provide unparalleled on-the-ground cultural, linguistic, and digital insights, ensuring your business’s international growth is not just strategic but also deeply rooted in local understanding.

Oban International offers:

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Multilingual SEO, content, paid media, and paid social
  • Programmatic
  • International UX and CRO
  • Data and analytics
  • Digital PR
  • Above-the-line media planning and coordination
  • Market research

We deliver growth in Paid Media performance by balancing strategic and technical expertise with market knowledge from our Local In-Market Experts. This approach ensures that your ads are tailored to reach the right audiences, at the right time, with culturally adapted messaging for maximum impact, relevance, and ROI.

Absolutely. Our SEO experts collaborate with LIMEs to develop customised strategies that align with local search behaviour, language nuances, and cultural preferences, optimising your website’s visibility in every targeted market.

No, but we offer advice on localising creative materials to improve the performance of international campaigns. We specialise in adapting ad copy for different markets. Usually, we collaborate closely with our clients’ in-house creative teams or external creative agencies. Our role is to guide them on which ad creatives and marketing materials should be localised to better connect with local audiences in specific markets.

No. We have a central HQ in Brighton, UK supported globally by Oban’s Local In-Market Experts who are experienced consultants based in over 80+ different markets.

This approach offers numerous benefits to our clients such as:

  • Flexibility – we can build a team at pace across any market or language that is important to your business.
  • Scalability – we can scale teams up and down at pace, depending on where you want to focus marketing support.
  • Expertise –  we create teams with the right market and sector expertise to add value to your campaigns.
  • Efficiency – the LIME network is a flexible resource paid for only when needed.
  • Cohesion – centralised strategic and client teams in the UK ensure activity across each market is aligned with your goals.

Our UK-based team takes charge of project management, strategy, and client communications. They act as the bridge between our clients and the Local In-Market Experts, overseeing every aspect of the campaign to ensure seamless communication and optimal results.

Oban’s unique LIME network has been built carefully over two decades. Many of our LIMEs have been with us for a long time, and we can vouch for the quality of their work.

When we bring in new LIMEs, we follow a strict process, similar to hiring full-time employees. We choose them based on their education and career experience. Our senior team interviews them to check if they have the right skills and fit into our culture. We also test their work before they start working on client projects.

All work carried out by a LIME is checked by our client teams and another native-speaking LIME to make sure it meets our high standards consistently.

LIMEs support with a range of deliverables including, but not limited to:

  • Localised keyword research
  • On-page SEO optimisations
  • Multilingual content production
  • Localisation reviews
  • Cultural UX recommendations
  • Localised ad-copy creation
  • Market insights and strategic recommendations
  • In-market competitor analysis

We have experience across a wide range of sectors, including B2B marketing, e-commerce, financial services, travel and tourism, technology, and more. If you want to know about a specific sector or challenge, please fill out your question here and one of our business growth team will respond.

We are currently working in over 80 markets. If you want to ask about a specific market or challenge, please fill out your question here and one of our business growth team will respond.

Oban can work in almost any market on the planet. Oban’s 450+ LIMEs are currently based across 80+ markets, across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Oceania, and large parts of Africa.

Oban has LIME coverage across most markets already, but we always build the right LIME team for the activity you want to run, so we may recruit a new LIME to join the network if our existing LIME team in that market don’t have the right experience for your needs.

This is a complex question to answer as it depends on a set of variables, which will be different for each business. If you want to ask about entering a specific market , please fill out your question here and a member of our business growth team will respond.

Yes. The LIME network is designed to suit a digital way of working, which means we can create and scale teams at pace. If we need a different LIME with a different skillset, we will change the LIME for you.

Yes, we work on both projects and longer-term assignments with our clients.

Oban International is based in Brighton in the UK.  Our LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts) are based in their local markets as we believe authentic on-the-ground local insights help drive best performance.

At Oban, we work in multidisciplinary teams built around our clients. Client teams are led by client services and comprise a mix of strategists and delivery experts, supported by LIMEs in your target markets.

No, we are independently owned, established since 2002.

Yes, we have a range of accreditations including ISO9001 and ISO 27001. We are Google  Partners, and our delivery teams are all fully Google qualified.  We are also a certified Great Place to Work.

Yes, we have won a variety of awards across a range of sectors for our clients including AXA, Big Bus Tours and BBC Worldwide. Some recent award wins include Campaign of the Year, Best International Paid Performance,  Most Effective Marketing Campaign and Best Professional Services Business.

We work with a range of differently sized businesses from SMEs to multinationals, challenger brands to category leaders.

Each account at Oban is led by a client services team. They manage your account day to day and are your main contacts.

This is a fast-moving area and one we are constantly evaluating.  We use some automation of our processes but at present, in common with other businesses, we are navigating this territory as it unfolds. As the AI landscape evolves, we remain dedicated to adapting and adopting cutting-edge technologies that match our business goals and contribute to our clients’ success.

Get in touch with our team! Whether you’re exploring new markets or need to optimise existing international campaigns, we’re here to guide you. For more detailed information, personalised consultations, or to get started on your international growth journey, browse our website, or contact our team directly. Oban is committed to driving your business’s success on a global scale.

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