Supercharge visibility with advanced keyword research

Why choose Oban for international keyword research?

Through our unique LIME network, Oban understands how people search locally, unlocking visibility for your products and services on search engines. Our approach to keyword research goes well beyond a simple translation-based method, ensuring your brand taps into the true potential of international markets.

Why keyword research matters

Search engines aim to provide relevant results. Our careful keyword research follows this principle and provides valuable insights into user intent by market and language, revealing desires, needs, likes, and preferences reliably.

It starts with a seed list

Keyword research starts with a strong seed list, a collection of words and phrases essential for building detailed keyword portfolios. This list, based on categories important to your markets, customers, products, and services, forms the basis of our thorough research.

We tailor our approach to your brand

We don’t just use general terms; we include details customised for your business, such as events and competitor terms. Our research explores your main products, services, industry connections, and how customers find out about you in their markets. It’s crucial to remember that how people understand and search for your product varies by market – which is why simply translating English keyword lists often leads to missed opportunities.

We optimise keyword portfolios for enhanced visibility

Our objective is to create a parent list of keywords that maximise gains in visibility, traffic, engagement, and acquisitions in every target market. These keywords are organised into portfolios aligned with both your business needs and paid media account structure (to maximise collaboration between SEO and paid media).

We benchmark for success

We benchmark your organic visibility, share of voice, missed opportunities, and search console clicks. By analysing paid media cost per click and per keyword portfolio, we identify high-priority areas for focus and improvement. From on-page optimisation to content planning, our research informs various aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Culturalisation for relevance

Our approach involves adapting keywords to each culture, using the SEO skills and local knowledge of our LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts). This ensures that we uncover genuinely relevant keyword opportunities, going far beyond a basic translated approach.

Real results

In one notable instance, our approach uncovered an additional 645,000 monthly search opportunities across 125 core navigation terms for one of our clients. These valuable opportunities would have been missed with a rudimentary translated approach.

Don’t settle for basic translations

Choosing a simple translation-based approach limits your SEO performance and could even, in some instances, cause potential harm to your brand reputation. Instead, embrace Oban’s international keyword research for true global success. Get in touch to find out more.

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Some of our SEO clients


Merlin Entertainments

We have worked with Merlin since 2017 on a range of SEO, Content and UX projects for their attractions, including London Eye and Madame Tussaud's, as well as providing paid media support for the launch of Legoland Japan.


Jo Malone London

We have worked with Jo Malone London since 2015, through their sale to Estee Lauder Group and ever since. We provide ongoing technical SEO services and SEO migration consultancy across 21 markets,  plus SEO training for their broader team.

Lloyds Register Logo

Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register Group is a technical business, service organisation and maritime classification society. Oban provides ongoing international SEO consultancy and expertise to Lloyd's Register. We have worked on several assignments from in-market research and analysis, to overseeing the migration of over 40 international sites.

Denby Logo


Denby Pottery Company is a British manufacturer of beautiful tableware. Oban provided Denby with technical SEO consultancy on a critical e-commerce multi-platform migration, and we now execute highly targeted, results-driven paid media campaigns across multiple brands and international markets.

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