Branded content requires evaluation on a thematic, cultural and linguistic basis to ensure suitability and success

International content marketing

Although successful brands have always created compelling text, images, video and more, content marketing now exists as a headline component of any marketing initiative. In an attention driven environment, characterised by complex proliferation, consumer awareness must be attracted and retained throughout increasingly diverse multi-channel/multi-device user journeys.

Valuable content

Any other kind of content is a waste of effort. In an international marketing context, value rests within the nature of the content and the way in which it is localised to meet the needs of the local market. Oban’s focus on culturalisation is key to the success of our campaigns. We believe that all branded content requires evaluation on a thematic, cultural and linguistic basis to ensure best in class materials and excellent results

Our content marketing solutions rely on a set of common sense principles:

  • We audit to clarify what content you have, what’s worked (or not), what competitors are doing and where we can match content to your customer’s personas and user journeys better.
  • We conduct a gap analysis to identify topics and themes of potentially successful content not addressed by your current publishing efforts.
  • We plan and detail content activity across channels and markets, using audit and gap analysis (plus insight into your in-house capabilities and available resources) to create performance focused content marketing initiatives with baked in goals and KPIs.
  • We promote content across available channels, using both organic (Outreach / PR) processes and paid media campaigns to ensure that carefully crafted content reaches required audiences and creates impactful results.
  • We create content, in collaboration with in-house teams and roster agencies in an adaptation and localisation role, or as a standalone provider of locally focused marketing assets.

Close collaboration with our LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts) is a vital part of our approach to content marketing. Oban’s LIMEs ensure that all content created is suitable from thematic (will it be relevant?), cultural (will it be appropriate?) and linguistic (will it be understood?) perspectives. Missing one (or all) of these factors can spell disaster for reputable brands, so our approach provides both results and re-assurance across all aspects of international multilingual content marketing.

Results – BBC World Service content promotion

Following the launch of its Thai Facebook page, the BBC World Service challenged Oban International to amplify the reach and engagement for chosen content by targeting a new unique audience for BBC World Service – Thai millennials. We targeted 18-25 year olds in the Thai language through look-alike modelling and extension, engaging with 6.9 million people and achieving 275,000 video views.


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