Oban’s programmatic advantage: Premium inventory, cutting-edge targeting

Why choose Oban for programmatic?

Oban’s programmatic solution combines premium curated inventory, cutting-edge targeting technology, and innovative channels. It’s not just an advertising opportunity; it’s a chance for brands to enhance their discoverability across the digital user experience.

Unlock premium TV advertising

With the rise of rich media advertising, especially in channels like CTV, programmatic offers a low barrier to entry into the premium world of TV advertising. It provides a diverse portfolio of display inventory that extends beyond Google’s Display Network, ensuring your brand reaches broader audiences.

Diversify your reach

Programmatic is not limited to traditional display. In-game, audio, and DOOH (Digital Out of Home) are integral parts of our programmatic channel offering, giving you a holistic approach to digital advertising.

Precision targeting in a privacy-first era

Our programmatic solution is strengthened by a network of data partners, enabling advanced B2C and B2B targeting. In a privacy-first world, machine-led contextual targeting takes centre stage, providing brands with crucial capabilities to diversify their advertising tactics.

A winning formula for global brands

We use first-party data to create lookalike audiences and enhance targeting precision. These powerful features, combined with Oban’s expertise in localisation for creative production and audience research, provides a tremendous media opportunity for international brands.

Get in touch to find out more about Oban’s programmatic solutions or click below to read more about the individual paid media services we offer.

Complementary paid media services

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