Mistakes and mishaps in social media are so public, so shareable, and hence so risky for brands who value their global reputation

International social media audits

Social media audits are arguably the most important digital audit when planning for international marketing success. Why? Because mistakes and mishaps in social media are so public, so shareable, and hence so risky for brands, who value their global reputation.

Spotting opportunities begin with a review of your ideal customers – ideally using approved marketing personas as a guide – and an analysis of your competitors so that known opposition can become better known. We audit your current social activity across any existing social media accounts, examining platform level metrics, and the impact of social on your key website goals, e.g., engagements, lead and so on.

We then progress to bespoke aspects of the audit, which can include:

  • A deep dive into competitor activity – including reviews of asset types used, content themes, content publishing workflows, audience reaction, outreach and sharing, and perceived impact/results.
  • Customer analysis – how do they respond to specific content themes and types? What do they say about your brand? Are they commenting/sharing/contributing?
  • Platform review –an exploration into platforms not currently utilised, highlighting specific set up and optimisation requirements for both broad and niche audience groups.

We can also boost the power of your social conversations with an in-depth technical review of all onsite and on-platform social media assets, providing actionable optimisation recommendations for each target market.

The cultural nuances of social media are vital, whether activity is focused on branded content, customer engagement or after sales retention and satisfaction. Without local knowledge, getting it wrong is easy – which is why our Local In-Market Experts (LIMEs) play a key role in the success of the social media audit process. This is achieved by working closely with the Oban core team (and you) to ensure that all current activity is viewed through an expert ‘local lens’.

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