International marketing challenges require the combination of multiple service lines into a solution-centric approach

International marketing solutions

In many cases, our clients’ desire to tackle international marketing challenges requires the combination of multiple service lines. When crafting the most appropriate solution, our first steps focus on international marketing basics, questioning and confirming clarity of goals and KPIs, audience insight, most profitable audience segments, best channels to use, tactical tools available and reporting needs.

Once the fundamentals are established (usually during a bespoke discovery phase scoped, planned and managed by Oban), we move on to creating the international digital marketing activity plan, addressing scenarios such as:

Market entry

Consists of research to clarify market potential, compare ‘long-list’ markets to each other, using quantitative methods and qualitative insights via Oban LIMEs, confirm market potential, competitor landscape, audience types, cultural and linguistic characteristics, best available digital channels, marketing personas and best available digital channels.

International campaign rationalisation

Where current efforts require evaluation and re-focus on digital performance, audits of existing digital activity, e.g. via  SEO technical audits and analysis, then draft and delivery of an execution plan to benchmark, improve, measure and optimise.

International campaign expansion

Building on existing campaign data, applying Oban International expertise and culturalisation ethos to boost campaign performance across multiple markets, typically combining paid media planning and forecasting, SEO monthly support, content promotion campaigns and social media best practice to deliver thoroughly integrated digital improvement.

An integrated approach

Our ways of working are fully aligned to the provision of integrated international marketing – we form tailor-made teams for our clients across the relevant digital marketing skills and markets for each client brief. Our structure is also centrally managed, with one reporting line, one P&L, one timeline and one set of client business goals, Oban’s teams all work to one agenda.

From verifying content first approaches with culturally specific nuances, to optimising search campaigns for the region and country-specific linguistic variations, Oban’s LIMEs (Local In-Market Experts) support the marketing solution with uniquely culturalised insights and optimisations.

In many cases, we work alongside either in-house digital teams or incumbent agencies, supporting existing efforts with uniquely international solutions. This scenario demands a seasoned approach to inter-agency collaboration (we work with some of our longest established clients on this basis), willingness to share data and good practice, and (above all) a client first ethos which is inherent to Oban’s efforts in all cases.

Results – Manchester United, SEO and CRO solution

A monthly SEO report for each market was produced with a detailed analysis of how each territory was performing. Manchester United was presented with key statistics for traffic, engagement, search rankings and conversions split out by channel. Oban also implemented a cultural CRO test on its Chinese language website. This enabled the team to improve traffic flow and conversions on the Chinese site, paying particular attention to mainland China and the overseas Chinese speaking population.

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