In-house teams often lack specific skills across international social media planning, management, optimisation and reporting

Social media best practice guides

It’s clear that many factors can influence successful international social media management. Audience insight, platform awareness, excellent content and responsive conversations are critical. However, most important is the value of brand authenticity and credibility; in other words, engaging your global customers with the ‘true voice’ of your brand. In many cases, this can be best facilitated by in-house/in-market teams: trusted individuals within your organisations who can quickly engage with social media promotion, dialogue and response, using years’ of brand experience to build trust and relationships on a sustainable level.

This is ideal in theory. However, in-house teams often lack specific skills across both the strategic and tactical aspects of international social media planning, management, optimisation and reporting. This is where Oban can help, by creating tailored best practice guides to guide and support your in-house efforts and results. Our guides typically address:

  • Summary of social efforts conducted to date (can be based on Oban social media audit), including SWOT analysis, main competitors, audience profile.
  • Goals and KPIs – what are we aiming for? What are we measuring? What does success look like?
  • If available, adaptation of brand and tone of voice guidelines for relevant in-market social platforms to guide the creation of new content.
  • Platform level ‘how to’ guidance including detail on asset preparation (image sizes, video formats) and text parameters.
  • Process clarification for planning, publishing, response and reporting.
  • Process clarification for crisis management.

Our Local In-Market Experts (LIMEs) are always on hand to fine-tune best practice guidance notes to the needs of local markets, with a particular focus on messaging, content and crisis management.

Results – Premier Inn

Premier Inn recently launched a new German hotel in Frankfurt.  They wanted to improve weekend bookings as typically rooms are booked for business stays in the week. Oban supported them by promoting the city as a destination for leisure travellers not just business people in Germany.

Our campaign invited a youthful German influencer to meet interesting locals and experience the vibrant city of Frankfurt. We developed short clips for use on social and longer clips for website/YouTube that bring Frankfurt to life. Our LIME scripted the videos and filmed them profiling local characters/places of interest.

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