Local insight and cultural understanding are key to successful international Facebook campaigns

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We’ve based our approach to Facebook advertising on years of experience in planning, managing and optimising international campaigns to digital performance-oriented goals. The platform is best viewed as a top of funnel tool, effectively targeting and engaging with consumers who are at earlier stages of their buying journey. That said, performance focus is still vital so that we will optimise towards relevant metrics such as completed video views, page views, content downloads and ‘soft’ data capture. Where feasible – and preferred by us – we can optimise towards lead generation and e-commerce sales. Once goals are agreed, we fully manage all aspects of campaign BAU, including audience targeting, ad copy creation, test and learn, reporting and iterative campaign enhancements.

You’re already aware of the numbers – Facebook monthly active users (MAUs) are approaching 2 billion worldwide, with engagement and interaction rates holding steady and in some markets improving. But you may not be aware of the prospecting potential to micro-target (and re-market to) specific audience segments to dimensions that include brands favoured, precise demographics, behavioural patterns online and much more. Facebook’s enormous global reach facilitates genuinely international campaigns for most markets worldwide.

Local insight and cultural understanding are essential to successful international Facebook campaigns because top of funnel engagement often relies on more ‘in-depth’ content assets such as video, e-books, how to guides and so on. Oban’s LIME (Local In Market Expert) network are ideally skilled to ensure that both assets and the ads that drive engagement are suitable localised to maximise effectiveness in every targeted market. Our core UK based team are also fully up to date with Facebooks’ latest ad units, targeting options, optimisation techniques and cross-platform (e.g. Instagram) integration opportunities.

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