Looking to grow your business internationally through digital marketing?

Going Global is for you.


The front cover of Oban International's book, Going Global.
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Our practical guide will teach you:

  • How to research, select and enter new markets
  • The fundamentals of international SEO, paid media and social media success
  • How link-building and working with influencers varies internationally
  • CRO and UX techniques you can use across markets
  • Payment methods around the world
  • How to overcome international ecommerce fulfilment challenges
  • How to set global KPIs and how to measure success
  • PLUS: the costly mistakes you need to avoid!

Meet the authors

Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings

Sarah is CEO at Oban International. She has 30 years’ experience in media and marketing communications working with a range of successful clients, from start-ups to many of the world’s largest brands.

Tom Montague

man inside speech bubble looking at camera

Tom is a former Head of Content at Oban International. He works with brands to help define their content marketing purpose – and then bring that purpose to life across channels.

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