How B2B can bounce back post-Covid

[Download] How B2B can bounce back post-Covid

The crisis has affected the way B2B decision-makers research, negotiate and buy services. As a result, marketers need to re-evaluate the way they reach and engage with prospects. With many in-person events cancelled and continuing concerns around face-to-face meetings, B2Bs need to rely more heavily on digital channels to achieve results.

In a brand-new guide, Oban outlines 9 key areas for you to consider in the current environment to ensure your digital marketing is as watertight as it can be – with the ultimate goal of driving leads and retention rates for your business. This guide includes:

  • How to review your approach to paid search
  • How to create multi-channel content which matches audience intent
  • How to use paid social to amplify your key messages
  • How to remove conversion blockers
  • How to nurture your existing customers to ensure retention
  • How to approach virtual events and remote selling

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Az Ahmed

Az Ahmed | Marketing Manager

Oban International is the digital marketing agency specialising in international expansion. Our LIME (Local In-Market Expert) Network provides up to date cultural input and insights from over 80 markets around the world, helping clients realise the best marketing opportunities and avoid the costliest mistakes.   

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