Launch your business overseas

How to tell if there’s demand to launch your business overseas

For any company looking to grow rapidly, questions of whether you should expand abroad and sell your product or service in new territories will eventually arise. As you begin to research the viability of going international, there will be one inevitable question: where should you be selling?

During the latest iteration of BrightonSEO, James Brown, SEO Strategist at Oban International delivered a talk exploring some of the ways you can discover if there’s demand for your business in foreign markets.

He went on to discuss how to prioritise these markets and some of the considerations any business would need to make before launching to ensure success, e.g. payment systems, delivery fulfilment and localisation.

Listen to the full talk below:

View the slides here.

If you’re considering venturing into new territories, get in touch to see how Oban International could help.

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