Oban's book is designed to be a practical guide for businesses looking to grow internationally using digital marketing techniques.

Why Oban International has published a book

Oban has published a book called Going Global: How to improve digital marketing performance in any market on the planet, which is designed to be a practical guide for businesses looking to grow internationally using digital marketing techniques.


Why did Oban write a book?

The last decade or so has seen tremendous economic and political upheaval. From the financial crisis of 2007-2008, to the UK’s decision to leave the EU, to the Covid-19 pandemic which continues today, large-scale events have created a turbulent environment for businesses. Yet despite – or perhaps because of – those events, there are more opportunities than ever before for businesses to expand internationally – increasing both their reach and their margins.

Since 2002, Oban International has helped over 250 businesses of all shapes and sizes – from challenger brands to category leaders – achieve massive international expansion in diverse markets around the world. We’ve used these accumulated insights – across multiple sectors, channels and markets – to compile our book, Going Global.


Who should read Going Global?

The book is aimed at businesses that are at a relatively early stage of international expansion and who are looking to scale and grow faster using digital marketing techniques. That said, anyone who owns or works for a business looking to expand internationally will likely find Going Global a useful and practical resource. Readers of the book – business owners, marketing directors, digital marketing professionals – will learn how to identify the biggest international opportunities and avoid the costliest mistakes.


How can Going Global help businesses?

Written in an accessible and easy-to-read style, the book will help readers understand:

  • How to research, select and enter new markets
  • The key elements of international SEO, paid media and social media success
  • Why you need to localise, not translate, your content
  • How link-building and working with influencers varies internationally
  • CRO and UX techniques you can use across markets
  • Payment methods around the world
  • International ecommerce fulfilment challenges and how to overcome them
  • How to set global KPIs and how to measure success
  • Key mistakes to avoid

Business expansion into other countries doesn’t just happen – it often comes with significant challenges and risks. Catering to an international customer base and creating multicultural and multilingual brand awareness across borders adds a level of complexity to most aspects of doing business.  Going Global is designed to help brands navigate this complexity.

To get your copy, please visit our Amazon listing.

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About Oban International

Headquartered in Brighton in the UK, Oban International is an award-winning digital marketing agency which specialises in international growth. At the heart of Oban’s offering is its unique LIME network. LIME stands for Local In-Market Expert – that is, experts in a range of digital marketing disciplines, who are based in-market around the world. Oban believes the key to international success is using authentic on-the-ground cultural insights from people who live in-market to guide both strategy and execution. We use the LIME network – made up of over 450 experts in over 80 countries – to provide the in-market insights which often make the difference between success or failure.

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