Above-the-line (ATL) support

Amplify your brand’s visibility with our above-the-line support.

International ATL planning

From traditional media to cutting-edge digital channels, we guide your brand through the dynamic landscape of global advertising. Our account management teams ensure media and creative strategies are executed accurately by market. They make recommendations on targeting, media choice, and media implementation to ensure the media plan enhances the media strategy and creative proposition.

International ATL buying

Our UK-based team leads all production and administration of the media plans including budget approval and provides one point of contact for you. Our hand-picked media buying partners execute the plan effectively and cost-efficiently within market.   

Delivery through our partner network

Led by Oban’s experienced account management teams, we provide multinational media planning and individual country media implementation. We can also work with a network of in-country agencies to execute the approved plans. We ensure your campaigns resonate globally, delivered with precision and cultural nuance.

Comprehensive reporting

Get a clear picture of your media impact through our comprehensive reporting services. We provide in-depth insights into how your campaigns are performing, giving you valuable information to fine-tune strategies and make future initiatives even more effective. In addition, our LIMEs can provide on-the-ground checks and images of ads in situ.

Oban’s ATL services are designed to transcend borders and connect your brand with audiences worldwide. We can tailor services to your needs, so if you have a particular requirement, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Other complementary services

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