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Welcome to the Global Marketing Calendar 2023

Welcome to Oban International’s Global Marketing Calendar 2023, the comprehensive guide to significant events and marketing opportunities happening across the globe.  

Oban International is the leading digital marketing agency for brands with international ambitions, delivering localised and culturally nuanced campaigns in every part of the world. 

Our team of experts drive international marketing performance, using a combination of multilingual SEO, Paid Search, Content and UX, supported by insights from our unique LIME network – 450 Local In-Market Experts based in over 80 countries. 

Get in touch to find out how we can support you in creating compelling global campaigns. 

Sarah Jennings


Sarah Jennings | CEO


Please note that all dates are correct at the time of publishing and that some are subject to change.

How to use our calendar

  1. To use the interactive calendar below click on an event to find out more and see our insights.  
  2. By clicking on an event, you can add it to your personal calendar or share it. 

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