In-market insight is key to successful international marketing

Where do we work?

Oban operates in over 80 international markets, covering more than 70 languages. We have immediate access to unique data, insights and observations on most of the countries where you are likely to focus.

Act local

Online behaviours change from market to market, including the preferred choice of search engines. From Yahoo Japan, Yandex in Russia, Naver in South Korea and Baidu in China – online differences are as vast as they are unique.

Think global

Never rely on translation and always apply local insights to keyword research to get greater visibility. For example, ‘Cheap flights’ in Italian is ‘voli economici’ which has only a handful of searches per month on Meanwhile, ‘voli low cost’ – a hybrid of English and Italian – has many more searches per month and lower competition scores.

Go social

It’s never just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Pinterest. From Xing in Germany and Weibo in China, to VKontakte in Russia, social media preferences change with every user. To maximise your paid social media marketing globally, make sure to tailor your online strategy to the region and market you are targeting.

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