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Green, Orange, Red for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been experimenting for some time with A/B Split tests and multivariate testing to optimise the usability of their website, surveys etc. Their Blog of Metrics provides a very interesting read and so we have decided to add it to our blogroll.

As a result of the most recent test of the download button colours (green, purple, blue, orange) they have found the green button to result in the best conversion results. At first glance, it is a tiny difference of just 1% lift in conversions, but when multiplied by the number of visitors they receive over one year, it translates into 2 million potential new Firefox users!!

Not bad, eh?

This is also interesting in the light of existing research showing that red buttons deliver best results across the board. Mozilla team did not test a red button and orange was the least successful in their test. We would be however interested to see the geographic differences in conversion rate in their colour test, as there are bound to be varying preferences across cultures.