A B2B subscription model provides steady, predictable income, as well as more data to understand customers. What else do international marketers need to know?

Oban International is publishing a book

September 16, 2021 Company News

Despite the political and economic turbulence of our current era, there are more opportunities than ever for companies to discover new markets where they can expand both their reach and their profit margins.

However, expanding into other countries doesn’t just happen – it often comes with significant challenges. Catering to an international customer base and creating multicultural and multilingual brand awareness across borders adds a level of complexity to most aspects of doing business.

To help brands navigate this complexity, Oban International is publishing a book packed with international digital marketing insights, advice and best practices – explicitly designed to help your business grow internationally.

Titled Going Global: How to improve digital marketing performance in any market on the planet, Oban’s book is designed to be a useful guide for anyone looking to scale their business internationally using digital marketing techniques.


There’s never been a better time to go global

Since 2002, Oban has helped over 250 businesses of all shapes and sizes – both challengers and category leaders across sectors – achieve massive international expansion in diverse markets around the world. The lessons learned from this accumulated experience have been captured in Going Global, making it essential reading for digital marketers keen to achieve international growth.

In today’s global economy, business success hinges not just on the rate at which you innovate, but also the speed at which you scale. Oban’s book will help business learn how to identify the biggest international opportunities and avoid the costliest mistakes.


What does the book cover?

Designed to be practical and educational, the book explores:

  • How to research, select and enter new markets
  • The key elements of international SEO, paid media and social media success
  • Why you need to localise, not translate, your content
  • How link-building and working with influencers varies internationally
  • CRO and UX techniques you can use across markets
  • Payment methods around the world
  • International ecommerce fulfilment challenges and how to overcome them
  • How to set global KPIs and how to measure success
  • Key mistakes to avoid


When is the book available and how can I get hold of it?

The book will be available soon in both digital and hard copy formats. To register your interest, fill in the form below. Stay tuned for further details!

About Oban International

Headquartered in Brighton in the UK, Oban International is an award-winning digital marketing agency which specialises in international growth. We help businesses with tough targets identify the biggest international growth opportunities and avoid the costliest mistakes.

At the heart of Oban’s offering is its unique LIME network. LIME stands for Local In-Market Expert – that is, digital marketing experts, who are based in-market around the world. Oban believes the key to international success is using authentic on-the-ground cultural insights from people who live in-market to guide both strategy and execution. We use the LIME network – made up of over 450 experts in over 80 countries – to provide the in-market insights which often make the difference between success or failure.

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