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Oban International wins at the Global Performance Marketing Awards 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your hats because Oban is on a roll! We’re excited to announce that we’ve bagged another prestigious award, this time for Best Use of Paid Search for Big Bus Tours at the Global Performance Marketing Awards 2023. This is our second award win in as many weeks – we recently received recognition at the E-Commerce Awards 2023 for the same campaign.

The Big Bus Tours campaign – which targeted 23 cities around the world – is a shining example of how a sightseeing brand bounced back bigger and better than ever after the pandemic. The campaign demonstrates the power of a well-crafted paid media strategy, which in this case hinged on three key pillars:

  • Catching up: We started by reviewing and optimising keywords, logos, and ads.
  • Post-Covid adaptations: We weren’t afraid to embrace change. We implemented Smart Bidding, restructured over 120 campaigns, enhanced keyword grouping, and balanced manual and automated bidding strategies.
  • Continuous growth: We didn’t stop there. We kept enhancing ad relevance and performance, testing innovative strategies for broader reach, and leveraging dynamic ads and multilingual opportunities.

The result? A remarkable 33% uplift in revenue, surpassing pre-pandemic achievements. The campaign is a case study for marketers looking to understand the optimal blend of manual and Smart Bidding, offering invaluable insights for achieving a lasting competitive edge.

But that’s not all. One of the critical aspects of this campaign was our meticulous campaign structure and bespoke user journeys, designed for diverse audiences. A granular approach allowed us to target and resonate with specific customer segments, highlighting the importance of tailoring strategies to meet unique needs and preferences.

The campaign demonstrates the value of exploring multilingual opportunities in digital marketing. Connecting with audiences in their native languages significantly bolstered engagement and conversions. It’s like finding a local tour guide who can show you all the hidden gems in a city.

Louise Aldridge, Head of Digital Marketing at Big Bus Tours, said, “This latest award win is testament to the hard work and innovation that went into this campaign. We’re excited to continue our journey of success with Oban.”

Sarah Jennings, CEO of Oban International, added, “Winning a second award in just two weeks is a remarkable achievement for our team. It underscores the value of collaboration with a client as dynamic as Big Bus Tours.”

If you’re ever in one of the many cities in which Big Bus Tours operates, hop on board and experience the magic for yourself. Who knows, you might find some inspiration for your next award-winning campaign.

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