Successful international digital marketing campaigns require more insight than simple translation.

Our history

Working in Europe and the Middle East, Oban’s founder, Greig Holbrook, saw the challenge non-native English speakers had in accessing the internet.

Back in the UK and lecturing in International Web Communication at Brighton University, Greig was inspired by Geert Hofstede’s study of Cultural Dimensions. That inspiration drove the launch of Oban in 2002, adapting websites and search strategies for international audiences to meet their needs, culture and values at a local level.

This was the start of our revolutionary approach to international digital marketing – full cultural conversion.

We have always believed successful international digital marketing campaigns need to reflect far more than simple translation. Culture, customer expectations and online user behaviours change from market to market, requiring different strategies to deliver the best business results.

Tailored messaging, layouts, content, language, design, cultural cues and references, alongside identification of the best local marketing mix and search engine strategies, all have a direct positive impact on traffic, conversion and brand adoption.

We believe cultural conversion is essential in driving international digital marketing performance and successful growth for your business.

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