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[Webinar Recording] Business critical Paid Media Trends and 2024 predictions

Jules Sosso

Recently, Oban hosted a webinar to highlight the key paid media trends that will define 2024 and help you to turbocharge performance. Below, you can gain access to a recording of this webinar.

In this essential sessions, you’ll learn: 

  • Platforms stocktake: an overview of Search & Social landscapes in terms of platform market share and reach opportunities.
  • Automation formation: why automation requires a deep transformation of Paid Media best practice and why your agency is best placed to action that.
  • Rich media performance: How the definition of performance media has evolved from bottom-of-funnel to pretty much anything other than traditional media.
  • Generative search & LLM opportunities: yesterday’s innovations are transforming the way we do business today, allowing you to accelerate business performance even faster.


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