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Digital World – Global Digital Marketing News: Friday 5 February 2016

Welcome to this week’s Digital World – your weekly update of international digital marketing news. Headlines featured this week include: Yandex announces “Vladivostock” – a new mobile ranking page formula; Singapore and South Korea are global leaders in 4G speed and coverage; younger users and men are more likely to watch digital video in Japan; and Twitter creates a good fortune emoji for Chinese New Year.



Yandex announce a new mobile page ranking formula “Vladivostok”.

Earlier this week Yandex announced a new mobile page ranking formula “Vladivostok”. The new mobile SEO update is named after the Russian city with the highest mobile internet use and assesses a page’s mobile friendliness when delivering search results for mobile users. At the moment the new algorithm is only available in Russia, but will be available for Yandex users in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey in the coming few months.

A Yandex spokesperson spoke to SearchEngineLand about the new mobile-friendly algorithm:

“Vladivostock implementation doesn’t mean web pages not optimised for mobile experience will now disappear from search results, but their position on SERPS may differ depending on whether the user search[es] in their mobile or desktop.”

Webmasters can check if their website or webpage is mobile-friendly using a tool in the Yandex Webmaster portal.

Singapore & South Korea are global leaders in 4G speeds and coverage


(Source: OpenSignal.)

Most countries have adopted the new fast 4G mobile internet and as you can see it is quickly replacing 3G. In areas with a darker hue a 4G upgrade is planned and the light blue shade indicates countries that have already adopted 4G. Singapore and South Korea are miles ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to coverage and speed. The OpenSignal report published during the week shows Singapore’s 4G speeds of up to 40 Mbps (by carrier Singtel) are unrivalled in the world. The report also showed that South Korea’s LG Telecom excelled in coverage – LG subscribers receive 4G signal 99 per cent of the time, no matter where they are. The report also showed Japan and Hong Kong also have good coverage but their speeds fall behind leaders Singapore and South Korea. In Europe, Denmark, the Netherlands and Hungary all offer great coverage and speed.

Digital video consumption in Japan

According to Rakuten (reported in eMarketer), the vast majority of internet users in Japan view digital video (81.3%). A whopping 84.6% of men watch digital video – that’s 6.6% ahead of digital video’s reach among female internet users.

Viewing frequency showed a different demographic variation. Male digital video viewers were nearly twice as likely as their female counterparts to say they viewed video daily (30.5% vs 18.2%). The study also showed 48.3% of digital video viewers in their 30s consumed content at least three times per week. The report also takes a look at the amount of time spent viewing mobile video in Japan. It’s reported younger viewers prefer to watch longer videos rather than the shorter clips preferred by the older population.


#HappyChineseNewYear 2016

Chinese New Year is now celebrated by over 1.3 billion people globally. With over 800 events hosted in more than 320 cities across 118 countries it’s not surprising that Twitter wanted to join the global conversations about the holiday. As people turn to twitter to wish family and friends a Happy Chinese New Year they will be greeted with a red packet emoji symbolising good fortune!

The ‘good fortune’ emoji will appear when you include a special range of hashtags in your tweets.

Here are some examples of hashtags which will feature the emoji:

Traditional Chinese:

Simplified Chinese:

Bahasa Indonesian:


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Phone Addiction – photo by Flickr user farhad sadykov

Edmonton Chinese New Year 2015 – photo by Flickr user IQRemix