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The International Digital Forum returns to UK shores

Calling all ecommerce managers, global digital marketers, CMOs and brand directors! For the first time ever, 46% of all global digital buyers will come from Asia-Pacific in 2014. By the end of 2014 nearly 3 billion people will be online. The fast moving pace of technology means that the online world has become a smaller place with no barriers and the opportunity for businesses to reach and engage with this rapidly expanding universal audience is both a great opportunity and a frightening prospect. Are your channels ready for the influx of changes that will occur in the global digital marketing landscape?  Do you know enough about the markets you operate in? Or the opportunities you are missing out on?

If you hesitate in truly knowing your brand potential overseas ensure you sign up to the forthcoming International Digital Forum (IDF) event.  This one day conference is set to return to London (UK) on Thursday 18th September 2014 at the IAB. Featuring guest speakers from Russia’s leading search engine Yandex, China’s homegrown search engine Baidu and Oban Multilingual, the UK’s leading multilingual digital marketing expert.

Designed for decision makers, this session will have a specific focus on the international travel industry. A variety of case studies and markets will be explored, unveiling the current global digital marketing landscape. Tailored for international brands and businesses looking to expand overseas, IDF London provides real insight and value for today’s international digital marketing professional. It’s no nonsense, pragmatic approach will dispel the fear of going global and provide a unique understanding of the complexity of this ever-changing online world.

With only a selected number of seats available for the event, this conference is strictly a first come, first served basis.  Previous attendees have included: Tesco Dotcom, Jaeger, Crew Clothing,, Econsultancy, River Island, CD Networks, Chapman Freeborn, UGG and Barbour, to name but a few.

This year’s speaker sessions are:

‘Baidu travel and the Chinese outbound tourist’

Baidu, Sales and Marketing Director EMEA, Matt Brown

In 2013, Chinese outbound travellers reached 97.3 million, with 14 million more travellers than 2012. It is estimated to break the 100 million mark in 2014. Chinese outbound tourism is growing at an alarming rate, with a corresponding spend figure of $120 million USD in 2013, ranking number 1 in the world for spend by market. With this in mind, it is now vital that UK travel brands have an up to date marketing strategy for the inbound Chinese tourist. This presentation outlines how Chinese consumers plan their trips overseas, and explores how Baidu’s Travel product provides a powerful platform for Chinese travel enthusiasts to search, obtain and share travel related content pre, during, and post-travel.


‘Travel insights on the Russian market’

Yandex, Head of International Sales, Tatiana Kalinina

Russia’s home-grown search engine, Yandex, will speak in an exclusive session about the insights of the Russian market for the international travel industry. This enormous and upwardly mobile country has one of the most active online populations in the world, with Yandex holding a massive 61% market share in Russia, compared to Google’s paltry 29%. In this session, Tatiana will reveal and identify the key players and trends on Yandex and provide insights on:

-The current overview of the Russian digital landscape, including key digital players, search shares and geographical particularities

– The evolving landscape of the travel industry based on findings from user search behaviour via two of the biggest segments: hotel booking and flights

– Learn insights on traffic volumes and how they develop

– Find out the biggest players in the travel industry, as well as key geographical trends that digital marketers should focus on with most potential.

– Lastly, the session will close with insight into what tools travel players from those two industries use to build their advertising strategy in the Russian market.


‘Audience intent profiling in the travel industry’

Oban Multilingual, Head of Strategy, Kezia Bibby

Running international travel sites is one of the trickiest scenarios for digital marketing, but one of the most interesting to work within if you are an experienced international digital marketer. In this session, Kezia Bibby, Oban’s head of strategy will lift the lid on how developing an Audience Intent Analysis – a foundation for how SEO, Paid, Social and Content marketing strategies are developed – can radically improve performance for your global strategy. She will explore how search language and behaviour can vary between markets and how this can impact your site and strategy for digital marketing worldwide. A must-see talk for brands that have difficulty in improving visibility in online markets.


‘Passengers: search, research and conversion in the travel market’

Oban Multilingual, Head of Conversion, Joe Doveton

How do you run a conversion programme on an international travel site? Does customer behaviour change from country to country? And what should you be measuring anyway?  In this session, conversion expert Joe Doveton from Oban Multilingual examines how your visitors book flights, select hotels and research holiday destinations and shares his top conversion tips and case studies from around the globe.

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