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January 19, 2012 Company News

About Mio

Part of the Taiwanese electronics giant MiTAC, Mio is a globally renowned manufacturer of Sat Nav and GPS products. As well as selling through traditional retail channels, Mio also sells direct in many territories through their online stores.

Mio Case Study Basket Pages

Mio Case Study Basket Pages


About the Test

Following our successful tests on product pages, Mio asked us to look at their shopping cart process. We found that it was a three stage checkout: shopping basket: selection of checkout as a a guest or repeat visitor and a secure offsite credit card page. One idiosyncrasy of the cart process is that the format and colour of the heading and call to action varied during the first two steps. Our hypothesis was that using the same colours and formats consistently through the first two stages of the checkout would give continuity and encourage more completed baskets.  This time the test was set up as a single test, segmented by IP address, using Adaptive testing.

 The Results

Just having consistency through the funnel was enough to create uplift,  although the rate of conversion and the successful design elements again varied country by country. Over the whole test, the light green buttons and black header on all pages generated a 3% increase in conversions and a 100% chance to beat the original. This was the combination that worked best in France and Germany However in the UK it was the orange header and the dark green buttons which created the greatest uplift with a 4% increase in conversions and a 92% chance to beat the original funnel. As this was an adaptive test we were able to optimise as the test went on pushing the leading combinations in each territory as appropriate. As a result we generated a sales uplift of up to €15k for each month that the test was running.

Mio Test Results Table

Mio Test Results Table


We established that even the simplest changes- colours, headings- and creating consistency across several pages of the basket would be enough to create an uplift. Segmenting the results by IP address meant that we were able to filter the same test to multiple country locations and optimise in each territory. Once again, it became clear that visitors from different countries and cultures would behave differently. With GlobalMaxer’s unique adaptive testing methodology we were able to give all combinations sufficient runtime whilst optimising the leading versions through the test to make more money. The leading combination in each territory has now been implemented by Mio across these basket pages.