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Viral marketing – international exposure courtesy of Huvr Board

Using social media to promote a business or an event is nothing new, but add a dash of creativity and a pinch of innovativeness and the world is literally your oyster. The latest viral phenomena Huvr Board is an exemplary example of how one company takes a creative idea to new heights!

Now, some will argue viral content is purely luck… but we don’t agree. If you can create unique content and tap into an emotive audience then you can begin to predict its influence.

Take Huvr Tech’s viral video for example. The company has cleverly appealed to a broad market: the 40 something’s who grew up with Back to the Future movies, the diehard skateboarding fans who love pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, athlete Terrell Owens and actress Agnes Bruckner.

How the company identified its target audience and tapped into an emotive topic that’s highly desirable makes marketing sense. Few things are more shareable than video, so to use this as a viral tool is the perfect partnership in digital heaven.

Let’s face it, viral marketing has developed into a noteworthy tactic used obsessively by brands and agencies the world over. Content is created to appeal and the internet is used to expose it to the most relevant audience. It’s a wonderful case of how an effective social media and digital marketing strategy can penetrate markets globally.

Thousands of likes, views and shares have reached from continent to continent. The Huvr Tech story has been featured in under a day on almost every news and entertainment platform online and offline – and that doesn’t even include the various niche sites and controversy surrounding the conversations and theories dominating the social media channels.

No-one knew about Huvr Tech yesterday, despite the website being live for a year and yet today, the vast majority of us are talking about it. It seems word-of-mouth has hit the virality button.

Is this about a new game launch, or is it a new Back to the Future movie? Nobody really knows. Only time will tell. But for now you and your business should be inspired by this marketing stunt and think beyond traditional digital marketing efforts.

Use content marketing to drive engagement, traffic and generate ROI on digital channels. Speak to world-class experts like Oban who can deliver campaigns for your international digital marketing strategy. All it takes is one great idea to complement your current marketing to create a powerful driving force for your business. Viral may not always be a guaranteed outcome but its measureable results can only strengthen your online performance globally.


By Hayley Phoenix-Stones 
Business Development Manager at Oban