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Is Google going to surprise us with an Easter Doodle in 2012?

It is really interesting to see how Google makes modification to its logo in order to mark a special event. Periodically, Google doodles celebrate the birthdays, cultural figures or national holidays around the world. The story of the doodles starts in 1998 when Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin played with the logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

Later on Dennis Hwang, Webmaster Manager shared the story behind the concept: “It was so popular they did one for Thanksgiving. In the early years, it was a controversial thing to do. If you read any kind of corporate marketing or branding textbook, the one thing they tell you is to make your corporate branding consistent no matter what. But Larry and Sergey said, ‘Why not? We should have fun with this.’ They did it in spite of some resistance within the company”.

Taking a look at the gallery of past Google doodles one can notice that the world’s leading search engine has posted only one Easter-related logo since 2000. As everyone expected the doodle only contained Easter eggs. Eleven years later, Good Friday coincided with Earth Day and Google chose to design an idyllic scene of waterfalls and panda bears.




The fact that in the last 12 years, the search engine has been ignoring billions of Christians, has led people to express their sadness on forums, blogs or social networks. Two years ago, Muslims expressed their discontent and created a Facebook campaign to convince Google to design a doodle for Ramadan.  In 2011, people were even more upset because Google home page in India featured a doodle celebrating Holi, a Hindu spring festival, in March.

During the previous years, other search engines such as Bing, and Dogpile celebrated Easter with special logos and themes up for the day.

logo easter2

logo easter


Since we are fast approaching the Easter Holidays, should we hope for the Good Friday doodle from Google this year?

This article was written by social media professional Denisa Caciulan.