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JT – Jersey’s leading online media platform – approached GlobalMaxer to help boost advertising placements on their classified ad site Generating revenue from banner and display advertising, as well as ad placements, the company sought to create a site enhancement that protects ad revenue and increases ad sign-ups and placements. GlobalMaxer was selected as our proven track record and expertise in conversion rate optimisation was best fit to meet the brand’s objectives.

Upon assessing the homepage design, GlobalMaxer identified the following:

  • Very cluttered design with lots of visual stimuli competing for eye attention
  • “Login” or “registration” prioritised over “place a classified” in the top navigation field
  • Secondary “place a classified widget” positioned well below the fold
  • Call-to-action on the widget needed to be more emphatic than “find out more”

What we did

Using our bespoke GlobalMaxer tool we set up a multivariate (MVT) test to change three main elements. This included:

  • Swapping position with “log in” and “place a classified” in the top navigation field; with the latter highlighted in orange to increase visibility
  • Change the word “classified” to “advert” to help users identify the subject matter more easily
  • The classified box sited just above the fold and at the top of the page to test the site’s usability for this function

Jersey Telecom MVT Case Study


  • All the new designs increased conversions and beat the original web design – a   staggering 2,092 additional ads were placed across all designs over the test period
  • Test C10 (as shown above) was the overall winner. This version featured orange styling, a widget at the top and swapped navigation of login and advert placement fields. The change of wording, however, was not a winning element
  • The successful design generated 99% uplift in ads placed with an 85% confidence level. This was worth an additional 450 ad placements over the test period alone
  • Moving “place an ad” widget to the top of the page had an enormous impact – ads placed via the widget saw a 554% increase in placements

As a result, JT changed the homepage design to the winning features of test C10 and continue to see significant uplift.  JT’s Digital Channel Officer, Helen Knight says: “Contacting GlobalMaxer to improve ad placements on our main classified advertising site was definitely the right move for JT. We thought there might be improvements in conversions, but we were totally surprised at the large scale uplift generated by GlobalMaxer’s multivariate testing. Not only were the team highly knowledgeable and easy to work with – they provided insightful data we can utilise moving forward in our online strategy.”